Gillybean Fight Yoga

“What happens in fight-yoga stays in fight-yoga!!”

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A well-balanced program blending the serenity of yoga with a love of punching things!
– Gillian Win Connolly

My Program:
Gillybean Fight Yoga classes combine pilates, calisthenics and martial arts into a program that keeps the body guessing and evolving while having fun. 

My mission is to reach all levels of fitness, through a holistic approach of unifying the mind body and spirit as one.

  • Mindful movement (physical being)
  • Linking the body to conscious presence (awareness/mind)
  • Activating one’s life force, Prana
  • Controlled breath-work, invigorating the energetic body (spirit)
Gillybean fight yoga instructor

My Method:
My method is building confidence through boxing (Fight Yoga) and awakening one’s spirit through mindful strength-based yoga practice.

Why Gillybean Fight Yoga is right for you:
Activate your minds eye and visualize yourself at the end of my program achieving elite Gillybean Fight Yoga status. 

Benefits of Gillybean Fight Yoga include:

  • Family and a sense of belonging
  • Pride in seeing holistic change in the mind, body and spirit
  • Relieving back pain by strengthening the core and back muscles while staying limber
  • Quiets the mind – mindfulness
  • Provides stress relief – relieving tension in tight muscles
  • Awakens your true light through daily Chakra practice

Unlock your full potential by learning self-discipline. Through pranayama and physical practice (Asanas) you will alter your mood, thoughts and emotions.

Replenish your whole being = holistic wellness!